Whether you live in the Eternal City or elsewhere, in Italy or abroad, getting married in Rome is often a dream come true.
I was in Rome last Sunday, shooting with and for Wedding, Portrait Photographer (@andrea_mortini_photographer) • Foto e video di Instagram , for Wedding, Portrait Photographer (@andrea_minstagram.com/marco_donghia_studio and Ilenia Paracino (@ilenia.paracino) • Foto e video di Instagram , in a very warm afternoon right in the city centre and a lovely night “al fresco” in Frascati.
This was the wedding of Eleonora and Emanuele.
I loved the good spirit of the groom getting ready with his witness and his emotional interview with the videomaker, when he told us about his love story;
I loved the dramatic/romantic atmosphere in Rome’s Church of Saint Prisca, its facade almost hidden between two buildings, so that you cannot see it until you actually face it (every Church in Rome is a little treasure, and the Church of Saint Prisca is definitely no exception to this);
I loved the hugging and laughter outside, and the classy reception in a Villa set in the Roman hills;
I even loved the tidal wave of champagne soaking guests and photographers just after the cutting of the cake…
Therefore, think about it…how would you like to get married in Rome..?
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Weddings – Already planning 2022

Well, this is just ordinary. A photographer often works with several months’ notice.

Be it with fashion photoshoots, Christmans portrait sessions, couple pre-wedding photoshoots or weddings, the diary of a photographer fills up weeks in advance.

And even more so when, after the doing-almost-nothing due to the pandemic, the events in need of photographers all end up taking place, hopefully, in the following year.

In fact, many of the weddings originally planned for 2020 and 2021, are going to be celebrated in 2022.

Requests for costings keep coming in and, if on the one hand this is good news, because it means that the wedding industry is again on-the-go and there will be work for all suppliers in the industry in 2022, including photographers, that is, including yours truly, on the other hand this is going to need good, if not excellent, organization both on the part of the suppliers, in order to handle all of next year’s events, and on the part of the spouses-to-be and wedding planners, in their search for available suppliers for all the dates booked.

I was talking to a lady last week, who plans to get married in 2022, and I did recommend she should choose her suppliers well in advance, regardless of her choice of a wedding photographer (hopefully me).

I did not mean to push her, obviously, nor to make her anxious, 🙂 in fact I only intended to remind her that next year’s diary of the wedding industry suppliers is bound to fill up rather fast.

I will do that with all those couples intending to marry next year. Choose well, however, choose fast, as a supplier for some day in August next year may well be available today, but may not anymore next week.

When I talk to prospective clients, I think it’s fair to give them some time to make a decision, therefore I may hold their chosen wedding date on option, and not make it available to anyone else for a few days. However, if I do not receive a reply by the set deadline, that date becomes available again for a different couple. It’s a way to encourage the bride-and-groom-to-be to think about it with no rush, certain that they will not lose the opportunity to book me for a wedding photography service, if they need to think about it for a few days.

I believe that we should all understand the needs of #2022weddingcouples. We all suffered because of the restrictions due to the pandemic, from the human, social and financial points of view.

With a little effort on the part of everybody, we can aim for a 2022 which is going to be professionally rewarding and, indeed, full of joy.

Smiles behind the masks

What you see in the video above is a series of photographs I took around my hometown (Orvieto, in Umbria, Italy) in the last few days.

I purposely intended to take photos of people wearing safety masks. This is quite unusual for me, a photographer specialized in portraits, where everything in my pics revolves around people’s faces, and I try to reveal people as they are, and bring their best hidden secrets to light.

A face with a mask is only half a face.

And yet I specifically asked people to wear their masks, regardless or not whether they were wearing it at the time, maybe because they were drinking coffee, now that we can finally go to a bar and ask for one, or maybe walking on their own, far from the madding crowd.. or perhaps simply getting a breath of fresh air with no filters at long last…

Let us face it: none of us is happy with having to wear masks. Masks make breathing difficult, cause eyeglasses to fog up, irritate skin, increase sweating, and even more so now that the temperature outside starts to rise.

A mask is a real pain-in-the-neck.

But, let’s face this too: apart from the fact that there are rules and regulations to be abided by, and it is mandatory to wear masks in indoor public places, and in any circumstance where safety distances cannot be maintained for any reason, (be it one metre, two metres, four metres, well.. that’s another story…), masks and social distancing are the only options at our disposal, in order to protect ourselves from contagion.

Luckily, we have had zero new cases in Umbria for a few days, nevertheless, we must still abide by the Laws. Also, we have not reached herd immunity yet in our Country, nor in the rest of Europe, therefore contagion is still a serious threat, until a Coronavirus vaccine is ready.

At the same time, if it is true that “eyes are the mirror of the soul”, then masks are tools that protect us without hiding our true selves. Masks do not prevent our souls from coming to light and reveal themselves.

If we smile, then it is our eyes that reveal our smiles.

And God knows if we need to smile. We need a true confidence booster to start on our new post-lockdown lives. A smile is a good start. Smiles make miracles. I think we are ready for that.

So, that is why I took photos of people smiling behind the masks.

I understand many of our friends from abroad are not allowed to travel to Italy yet. Our borders will soon be open, but the Governments of other Countries might make different decisions as to when theirs will.

But the time will come when we can welcome you again.

I am a professional photographer and I mostly do portraits, but I will not suggest you book a portrait session with me for “smiles behind the masks”. This is simply a personal project, a testimony of what has been happening, something that perhaps we can talk about to our children and grandchildren.

Therefore, when the time comes, if you see me around Orvieto with a camera hanging from my neck (which happens quite often) just ask for one pic (or maybe two) and smile behind the mask.

I am sure we will smile together.

Fotografiamo i sorrisi dietro la mascherina

Quello che vedete è un video che raccoglie foto di amici e conoscenti incontrati in giro per Orvieto, la mia città, negli ultimi giorni.

Ho voluto fotografare volti con la mascherina. Si tratta di una cosa piuttosto insolita per chi è abituato a scattare ritratti, dove tutta la fotografia si focalizza sul volto di una persona, cercando di rivelarla come è, di scoprirne i segreti più reconditi.

Il volto con la mascherina, in fin dei conti, è un volto a metà.

Eppure ho chiesto espressamente di indossare la mascherina anche a coloro, che, in quel preciso momento, non la indossavano, perché magari stavano bevendo un caffè al bar, ora che finalmente si può fare, oppure camminavano da soli portando la spesa a casa, o, più semplicemente, prendevano una boccata d’aria fresca..

Diciamoci la verità: nessuno di noi è contento di dover portare la mascherina. Rende la respirazione difficile, fa appannare gli occhiali, irrita la pelle, fa aumentare la sudorazione, specialmente ora che andiamo incontro alla bella stagione.

Insomma, una seccatura bella e buona.

Ma diciamoci anche un’altra verità: al di là del fatto che ci sono precise normative da rispettare che ci impongono di indossarla nei luoghi chiusi aperti al pubblico e ogni volta che comunque non siamo in grado di rispettare la distanza di sicurezza (un metro, due metri, quattro metri… boh?… ma questa è un’altra storia), la mascherina, insieme al distanziamento sociale è attualmente l’unica cosa in grado di proteggerci dal contagio.

Poco importa che nella nostra bellissima Umbria registriamo zero contagi già da qualche giorno. Le leggi valgono per tutti e, in ogni caso, nel nostro Paese, come nel resto d’Europa, esiste ancora la possibilità di contagio e il virus è sempre in agguato.

Allo stesso tempo, se è vero che “gli occhi sono lo specchio dell’anima” allora possiamo pensare che la mascherina ci protegge sì, ma non ci nasconde, non impedisce alla nostra anima di uscire dal guscio e rivelarsi.

Se noi sorridiamo, saranno i nostri occhi a rivelare il nostro sorriso.

E Dio solo sa se abbiamo bisogno di sorridere. Ci serve un’iniezione di fiducia per poter ricominciare. Credo che siamo pronti.

Quindi, se mi vedete in giro con la macchina fotografica al collo, e cioè quasi sempre, e volete una testimonianza di quello che è stato chiedete pure, e sorridete dietro la mascherina.
No, non sto proponendo sessioni di ritratto con la mascherina.

Questo è un progetto personale. Una storia da poter raccontare alle generazioni future. Uno “sguardo” verso tempi migliori.

Magari sorrideremo insieme.

Wedding photographer back at work

Phase 2 of the lockdown started two days ago and professional photographers like me are now available for and very willing to work again, as long as they comply with social distancing and hygiene rules and regulations, possibly including the recommendations of the National Association of Professional Photographers, of which I am a member.

These are hard times and we all want to go back to work.

Travelling for tourism is not yet allowed, nor are foreign travellers allowed to or expected to travel to Italy for the time being.
But the time will come when this is just a bad memory and we will have the pleasure of welcoming foreign friends again.
Until that time, please keep safe and enjoy the little things in life. Spend time with your loved ones and dream..
Above all, make plans…

Think of your next journey to Italy because, as a major British paper pointed out a few days ago, there are at least “.. twenty reasons why you’ll all return to Italy when this is finally over..” (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/italy/articles/italy-reasons-to-go-back/)
I will try and keep you up-to-date on our situation with my bilingual posts, here on my website blog or on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mariagiulia.larosa ) or my Instagram page mariagiulia_larosa (https://www.instagram.com/mariagiulia_larosa/?hl=it ) and hope to see you soon.

We all need to smile again and you want, need and, quite frankly, deserve, lovely photos to remind you of the most meaningful moments in your life.

And I hope I’ll have the pleasure to be the one to make this wish come true and bring your dreams to light with my work.


Da lunedì 4 maggio 2020 sarà possibile per molti di noi tornare a lavorare.

Io ci sarò, nel rispetto di una serie di raccomandazioni relative ai servizi fotografici emanate dall’Associazione Nazionale dei Fotografi Professionisti, che riguardano il mantenimento delle distanze e l’igiene.

Il rispetto di queste raccomandazioni garantisce la massima sicurezza.

Questo è stato un periodo difficile per tutti,  e forse poco o niente sarà più come prima. Dovremo adattarci a vivere e a lavorare in modo diverso.

Nel mio lavoro ci sarà sempre il massimo impegno per catturare i vostri momenti più belli e più importanti per voi, per la vostra famiglia, per le persone che vi amano, per il vostro lavoro.

Questo perché avete bisogno di sorridere di nuovo e desiderate, e vi meritate immagini da ricordare.. perché, come qualcuno ha già detto, a ragione, voi valete.

E io sono qui per dare luce e vita a questo desiderio.

Sarà possibile contattarmi per informazioni o per preventivi senza impegno:

Potrò dedicarmi ai ritratti e ad altri servizi fotografici o in ambienti particolarmente grandi e aerati, oppure all’aperto, e questa è la soluzione migliore, e visto che andiamo incontro alla bella stagione, sarà bello potervi fotografare alla luce del sole. 


Maria Giulia



Un altro 8 marzo

Un altro 8 marzo.
Ogni anno insisto nel dire che arriverà il momento in cui smetteremo di dover dedicare alla donna un giorno in particolare e cominceremo a celebrarla ogni giorno.
Quest’anno, in realtà, avrei voluto festeggiare anche io, ma, come tante, e tanti, oggi rimango vittima di una situazione incerta, che ci costringe a non abbracciarci, a stare distanti, ad aspettare e vedere come finirà, se finirà.
Siamo sane? Siamo ammalate? Siamo umane….? Chissà.
Ho fotografato tante donne negli ultimi 12 mesi. I miei ringraziamenti vanno a loro, che mi hanno ispirato, e che mi fanno pensare di avere fatto un buon lavoro e di poter continuare a farlo.
Grazie, quindi, in ordine sparso, a Chiara, Rachele, Maria Elena, Erika, Francesca, Eloisa, Susanna, Maria Angela, Nicoletta, Silvia, Elisa, Sofia, Laura, Chiara Elena, Ilenia, Marina, Monica, Giulia, Deborah, Simona, Micaela, Oxana, Deborah, Alessia, Martina, Ilaria, Rita, Marilena, Annalisa, Valentina, Jessica, Jessica, Katie, Roberta, Marta, Sofia, Maria Vittoria, Antonella, Chiara, Barbara, Carmela, Maddalena, Iris, Marta, Fabiola, Roberta, Lucia, Gaia, Emanuela, Susanna, Mercedesz, Rosanna, Vanessa, Sara, Mary, Gaia, Chiara, Alice, Francesca, Annalisa, Chiara, Alexandra, Matilde, Mihaela, Veronica, Chiara, Sara, alle ragazze del 1979, alle Dame del Corteo delle Dame di Orvieto e del Corteo Storico di Monteleone di Orvieto, alla sbandieratrice di Città della Pieve, alle Popolane di Orvieto e alle Dame di Orvieto in Fiore che si sono messe in posa davanti ad una fotografa sconosciuta e alla cantante Gospel del primo gennaio, di cui non so il nome, ma che mi ha regalato un bellissimo sorriso.
Se ho dimenticato qualcuno perdonatemi, non l’ho fatto apposta..
Buona Giornata internazionale della donna.
Maria Giulia

Not longer..

than two weeks ago I wrote that Italy was safe and invited you to book your vacation or wedding in my Country.

Since then, unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse.

The Covid-19 coronavirus has spread here too and contagion is heavy. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte first invited Italians to stay home and avoid contact with each other, then issued a proper Decree to implement this recommendations and make them a Law.

Most of the shops are closed until 25 March, apart from chemists, newsagents, health-related and agriculture-related dealers and a few other types of businesses. Schools and Universities have suspended their classes and lectures.

Only a dozen airports are still working and some foreign Countries are banning the entry of Italian citizens.

No handshakes, no kisses, no talking within a one-meter distance. People should avoid meeting people..
No more Italian movida, no dinners out, no sports, or gyms, or shows. No football league either.
Younger people, who are less at risk, should think about their parents and older relatives, and avoid contagion at any rate.

What about me?

Well, I am a photographer, I photograph people, weddings, events.
Well, everything has stopped.
I am staying home too.
I could sit on the couch feeling sorry for myself, but what would be the point of doing that? I know that everything is going to be alright sooner or later, therefore, I keep up to date with my profession and follow webinars, read books, take photos of who and what I can (be it my son, my dog, my homebaking, myself), in order to refine my photography knowledge and skills.

I’ll be ready when everything goes back to normal. And I hope we can meet then.

I am posting a picture I took last Sunday by Lake Bolsena, which lies approximately 20 miles from here. Bolsena is a beautiful little village and is extremely popular with foreign visitors in the Summer. I don’t know when I can go to Bolsena again, but I am sure it won’t be long before I can.

#iorestoacasa (I am staying home) is now the rule.

#distantimauniti (distant but close)
#andràtuttobene (everything is going to be alright)

It would be irresponsible…

for anybody to ignore the fact that coronavirus Covid19 is indeed a global threat.

Be it in China, Italy, Iran or a different Country, a percentage of the people infected by the virus has been seriously ill and the death toll has slowly increased.

People who are more at risk of contagion are usually elderly people who already suffer from other serious deseases, as Covid19 seems to be particularly effective on those who have a weak immune system.

However, many of the people who have been infected are actually recovering from this virus.

Even the Chinese couple from Wuhan who had showed symptoms of the virus while holidaying in Italy and were hospitalized in Rome are now well, and will soon leave their hospital rooms and, hopefully, reprise their Holiday in my Country.

Bear in mind that seasonal flu is just as contagious as Covid19 (possibly even more contagious), and no Country has ever been isolated because of a flu. Panic has grown out of proportions.

Of course, we should not overlook the danger but we can control it by following sensible hygiene practices. Let’s wash our hands more often, and, for the time being, let us not shake hands, let us wear face masks, if we deem it necessary, to protect ourselves and other people. And hopefully, more and more people will recover and Covid19 will all be over with in a few weeks.

Book your trip to Italy as planned. Come and get married in this fabulous Country of mine! Italy is just as safe as any other land. Indeed we are doing our best to welcome you!

I hope to see you soon.