Why am I a photographer?

We are so used to pose for selfies in order to show ourselves to the world in real time, that we often forget what photographs really are.
Why do we shoot photographs?
A photograph captures a detail, freezes a moment; it might even reveal something that is there, but has gone unnoticed,
Yes, it is a matter of a moment, behind which lies a lot of hard work.
I started shooting photos before I turned eight, using the small camera my great-uncle had given me as a gift for my Holy Communion.
Photography was a powerful tool for me to explore the world, starting from my house, and going on outside, in the streets.
I gave it up, at times, for lack of inspiration, or lack of tools, or because I knew I didn’t know the matter well enough to be able to get photographs the way I had imagined them before shooting.
Later, with the advent of digital photography and digital post-production I was born again!
I started studying the basics of photography, went on to post-production masterclasses, workshops on the use of lightning equipment in photography, took part in several photoshoots and model sharing sessions and even organized styled shootings myself..
After that it did not take long for me to turn a passion into a profession..
Many thanks to all of you who are visiting my website.
Stay tuned. You are in for a real treat.
In the meantime, if you wish to contact me for a costing or require further information, call me or whatsapp me, or fill in the form on my contact page.
this picture is called “My best friend and my best human friend” and is a portrait of my friend David from London, and my dog Totò. It was shot in September 2018. I could only work from home at the time and had moved about all the furniture in my lounge, in order to set up a studio and make room for the backdrop and lights.
I am better organized nowadays, and work in a proper studio. However, this home-based portrait below got me an Honorable Mention at the 2019 FIIPA Awards in the Portrait Category.