Kiss me – it’s Valentine’s Day!!

I hope you are going to celebrate Valentine’s day with your loved one, perhaps going out to dinner, or for a romantic walk, or even staying at home, just the two of you, simply enjoying each other’s company.

Being a wedding photographer, I do a lot of engagement shootings as well, so I thought I wanted to find the right photograph to publish today, of all days.

Really, I had many..

But then I remembered something:

I was on commission for the Municipality of Bolsena last August during the incredible White Night Event organized in the village historic centre by Visual Equipe event planning services.

Many acts were going on in town, and Bolsena was really bustling with energy and activity, and, indeed, lots of noise, being it music, cheers, chatting..

Then I spotted this lovely couple kissing by a restaurant window, as if there were just the two of them in the world, suspended in silence..

Luckily they agreed to be photographed and published.

It was a great Summer night, in a marvellous Holiday resort by the Lake, and they seemed so much in love!

Everything was just perfect.

I hoped that I managed to convey the absolute perfection of this magical moment in this picture.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!