It would be irresponsible…

for anybody to ignore the fact that coronavirus Covid19 is indeed a global threat.

Be it in China, Italy, Iran or a different Country, a percentage of the people infected by the virus has been seriously ill and the death toll has slowly increased.

People who are more at risk of contagion are usually elderly people who already suffer from other serious deseases, as Covid19 seems to be particularly effective on those who have a weak immune system.

However, many of the people who have been infected are actually recovering from this virus.

Even the Chinese couple from Wuhan who had showed symptoms of the virus while holidaying in Italy and were hospitalized in Rome are now well, and will soon leave their hospital rooms and, hopefully, reprise their Holiday in my Country.

Bear in mind that seasonal flu is just as contagious as Covid19 (possibly even more contagious), and no Country has ever been isolated because of a flu. Panic has grown out of proportions.

Of course, we should not overlook the danger but we can control it by following sensible hygiene practices. Let’s wash our hands more often, and, for the time being, let us not shake hands, let us wear face masks, if we deem it necessary, to protect ourselves and other people. And hopefully, more and more people will recover and Covid19 will all be over with in a few weeks.

Book your trip to Italy as planned. Come and get married in this fabulous Country of mine! Italy is just as safe as any other land. Indeed we are doing our best to welcome you!

I hope to see you soon.