Not longer..

than two weeks ago I wrote that Italy was safe and invited you to book your vacation or wedding in my Country.

Since then, unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse.

The Covid-19 coronavirus has spread here too and contagion is heavy. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte first invited Italians to stay home and avoid contact with each other, then issued a proper Decree to implement this recommendations and make them a Law.

Most of the shops are closed until 25 March, apart from chemists, newsagents, health-related and agriculture-related dealers and a few other types of businesses. Schools and Universities have suspended their classes and lectures.

Only a dozen airports are still working and some foreign Countries are banning the entry of Italian citizens.

No handshakes, no kisses, no talking within a one-meter distance. People should avoid meeting people..
No more Italian movida, no dinners out, no sports, or gyms, or shows. No football league either.
Younger people, who are less at risk, should think about their parents and older relatives, and avoid contagion at any rate.

What about me?

Well, I am a photographer, I photograph people, weddings, events.
Well, everything has stopped.
I am staying home too.
I could sit on the couch feeling sorry for myself, but what would be the point of doing that? I know that everything is going to be alright sooner or later, therefore, I keep up to date with my profession and follow webinars, read books, take photos of who and what I can (be it my son, my dog, my homebaking, myself), in order to refine my photography knowledge and skills.

I’ll be ready when everything goes back to normal. And I hope we can meet then.

I am posting a picture I took last Sunday by Lake Bolsena, which lies approximately 20 miles from here. Bolsena is a beautiful little village and is extremely popular with foreign visitors in the Summer. I don’t know when I can go to Bolsena again, but I am sure it won’t be long before I can.

#iorestoacasa (I am staying home) is now the rule.

#distantimauniti (distant but close)
#andràtuttobene (everything is going to be alright)