Whether you live in the Eternal City or elsewhere, in Italy or abroad, getting married in Rome is often a dream come true.
I was in Rome last Sunday, shooting with and for Andrea Mortini for  Marco Donghia and Ilenia Paracino  , in a very warm afternoon right in the city centre and a lovely night “al fresco” in Frascati.
This was the wedding of Eleonora and Emanuele.
I loved the good spirit of the groom getting ready with his witness and his emotional interview with the videomaker, when he told us about his love story;
I loved the dramatic/romantic atmosphere in Rome’s Church of Saint Prisca, its facade almost hidden between two buildings, so that you cannot see it until you actually face it (every Church in Rome is a little treasure, and the Church of Saint Prisca is definitely no exception to this);
I loved the hugging and laughter outside, and the classy reception in a Villa set in the Roman hills;
I even loved the tidal wave of champagne soaking guests and photographers just after the cutting of the cake…
Therefore, think about it…how would you like to get married in Rome..?
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Weddings – Already planning 2022

Well, this is just ordinary. A photographer often works with several months’ notice.

Be it with fashion photoshoots, Christmans portrait sessions, couple pre-wedding photoshoots or weddings, the diary of a photographer fills up weeks in advance.

And even more so when, after the doing-almost-nothing due to the pandemic, the events in need of photographers all end up taking place, hopefully, in the following year.

In fact, many of the weddings originally planned for 2020 and 2021, are going to be celebrated in 2022.

Requests for costings keep coming in and, if on the one hand this is good news, because it means that the wedding industry is again on-the-go and there will be work for all suppliers in the industry in 2022, including photographers, that is, including yours truly, on the other hand this is going to need good, if not excellent, organization both on the part of the suppliers, in order to handle all of next year’s events, and on the part of the spouses-to-be and wedding planners, in their search for available suppliers for all the dates booked.

I was talking to a lady last week, who plans to get married in 2022, and I did recommend she should choose her suppliers well in advance, regardless of her choice of a wedding photographer (hopefully me).

I did not mean to push her, obviously, nor to make her anxious, 🙂 in fact I only intended to remind her that next year’s diary of the wedding industry suppliers is bound to fill up rather fast.

I will do that with all those couples intending to marry next year. Choose well, however, choose fast, as a supplier for some day in August next year may well be available today, but may not anymore next week.

When I talk to prospective clients, I think it’s fair to give them some time to make a decision, therefore I may hold their chosen wedding date on option, and not make it available to anyone else for a few days. However, if I do not receive a reply by the set deadline, that date becomes available again for a different couple. It’s a way to encourage the bride-and-groom-to-be to think about it with no rush, certain that they will not lose the opportunity to book me for a wedding photography service, if they need to think about it for a few days.

I believe that we should all understand the needs of #2022weddingcouples. We all suffered because of the restrictions due to the pandemic, from the human, social and financial points of view.

With a little effort on the part of everybody, we can aim for a 2022 which is going to be professionally rewarding and, indeed, full of joy.